Quantum speed reading (QSR) is a completely new technique for reading books without looking at the pages.

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Quantum speed reading is the advance level of midbrain activation. In Quantum speed reading students can read the book by flipping its pages. They don’t open the book like traditional learning to read it. It is also known as an advance level of Midbrain Activation.

This method was developed in Japan almost 40 years ago. There are thousands of institutes running successfully in Japan nowadays. Quantum speed reading came to India 3 years ago. The Very short span of time, it is also very popular in India. Children can read the book of 100 pages in 30 minutes time.
It helps them in their study, especially during exam time when they need to revise their whole book in the very shortperiod of time.
There are two parts of our brain. Students can do word to word reading by their left brain. It is very time-consuming. It needs hours of reading to complete the book by normal left brain reading. In Quantum Speed Reading contents of the book are accessed by the right brain. Right brain can read in the form of images. So it can read 100 times faster than left brain. Memory storage capacity of the left brain is very limited. We
cannot remember for a long time which is stored in the left brain. The right brain has long term memory storage capacity. So contents accessed by the right brain are automatically going to long term memory storage. We can easily recall them even after a long time.
quantum speed reading
So it is necessary for students to read by Quantum speed reading to remember it for long time.
Those children who have completed their Midbrain activation basic course, they can go for Quantum speed reading.
It is also two months course. Initially, there is a workshop of two full days ( 6 hours per day).
The workshop is followed by follow ups done once in a week ( 2 hours).

Age group for Quantum Speed Reading : 

We consider 8 to 15 years age group for Quantum speed reading course.
Those who are below eight years cannot perform some exercises well as their prefrontal lobe is under development stage.
Some activities which are included in Quantum speed reading development are given below. All activities are scientific. So they are equally applicable to all students. They doesn’t have any concern for their academic excellence.
  • Image Training
  • Eye Training
  • Breathing Exercise
  • Visualization training
  • QSR Color Identification
  • QSR Image Identification
  • QSR Text Identification

Image Training:

Image training consists of different types of images of colours. Students need to see the image of colours for a long time to develop their Quantum speed reading ability.
Once they can see the same colour for a long time, their Quantum speed reading will start quickly.

Eye Training:

It is the most important exercise to stimulate Quantum speed reading ability of the brain.
Visual sense depends on eyes. Eye training must be done effectively to improve visual sense. There are many ways to improve visual sense, which are given below.
You can do eye exercises by sitting or standing in comfortable position. The position of the head should be still. You need to move only eyes as per instructions.

Side to Side Eye Movement:

Stretch your eyes to your extreme left side. Stay in that position for 3 seconds. Your head must be still. Now move them to extreme right side.
Stay there for 3 seconds. Repeat the cycle again. Now increase the speed of movement. Decrease the hold time. Do it very fast. Continue it for 60 seconds. Then close your eyes and relax it.

Up and Down Eye Movement:

The process is same as side to side movement. In this
case, you need to look at ceiling and floor.

Moving Your Eyes Diagonally:

You need to look at two corners of the room diagonally during this exercise.

Near and Far Focus:

Look at the nearby object like pencil’s tip and then look distant
an object like the window or anything.
After image and eye training, there is a time for relaxation for a more than ten minutes.

Breathing exercise:

The performance of our brain depends on oxygen intake of our body.
If we breathe correctly, the efficiency of our brain increases automatically.

Visualisation training:

There are thousands of research done by science to know the
role of visual sense in the success of any human being.
It is understood by science through many experiments that those who are blessed with excellent visual skills can perform best in their field. Visual skills are stimulated to the great extent in Quantum speed reading.

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